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Fans of [adult swim]'s The Venture Bros

The Venture Brothers Livejournal Community
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All Members , Moderated
The official Livejournal community for [adult swim]'s Venture Bros.

For basic information on the show, as well as a list of links related to the Venture Bros. universe, please click here for a guide written by umbricman.

Community Rules

    Be polite and courteous (or, as The Monarch would put it, “No dick moves!”). We’re all grown-ups here, so let’s act like it.
    Please only post things that are on-topic. Anything pertaining to the show is acceptable, as is any kind of fanwork. No promoting other communities or websites (if you really want it promoted within the community, please send a message to the moderator).
    Sorry, no intro posts. Just hang out and comment a bit -- we’ll get to know you.
    All images posted should be no larger than 500x500 px. Any image that is larger needs to go underneath an lj-cut. You are free to post a “teaser” image or thumbnail outside of the cut, as long as it is 500x500 px or smaller.
    No spoilers outside of a cut until two weeks after the episode has aired on television. Any posts that are cut for spoilers must be properly labelled as containing spoilers.
    Do not make a post asking where to download episodes, full seasons, soundtracks, or any other media that might be related to the show. Still images are the only exception to this rule.
    Fanfiction and fanart are welcome in this community. If you do not like these things, scroll down your friends page. Do not post a comment on anyone’s fanwork about how you don’t like to see those things. It does not kill you if they exist within the community.
    All comments, questions, and complaints can be directed to the moderator.
    And finally, while we here at venturebrothers hope it will never come to this, if you really have a problem with the community or someone in it, you’re always free to leave.

Welcome to venturebrothers!